About Us

In 1968, Anis Daouk – an established lawyer – decided in his spare time to indulge more seriously in his passion for preparing delicious ice cream and opened his first ice-cream parlor. Several decades later, armed with the memories of delicious ice cream from their childhood and old family recipes, Anis’ grandchildren Tamara and Lara revived their grandfather’s art of ice-cream making. They succeeded in their aim to produce some of the best traditional ice-cream by launching ‘Bouzet Jeddo’, which translates to ‘Grandpa’s Ice Cream’. Today, their two stores, one in Beirut and one in Dubai, offer some of the most mouthwatering and authentic ice-cream flavors in the Middle East. The recipes are based as much as possible on fresh ingredients, quality fruit, and traditional cooking methods.




The Founding Sisters

Tamara studied French Patisserie at the Ritz Escoffier School in Paris, as well as Event Management at the University of West London. After working in many luxury hotels such as the Royal Monceau in Paris and Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, she moved in 2015 to Beirut to establish Bouzet Jeddo, opening the first of two stores in August 2016.


Lara studied Global Communication at the American University of Paris and moved to Dubai to work with multinational advertising agencies. Her passion for quality ice cream won over her desire to remain in the advertising field, and in 2018 she opened Bouzet Jeddo in Dubai to the warm welcome of the Emirate’s locals and cosmopolitan residents.


The sisters aim to keep ice-cream making as traditional as possible and offer their products only to a handful of select stores or businesses who share their values, always with great emphasis on healthy ingredients and a ‘home-made’ feel.